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Wrench Stops™ fit Open-End, Box-End and Ratchet Wrenches. They store easily on either the outside or inside of an industrial metal roller or standard carrying metal tool box. The magnetic insert holds the wrench in a fixed position to a nut or bolt - preventing slippage! Wrench Stops™ are perfect for professional mechanics, home garage mechanics or anyone who uses wrenches. Get the job done safe and fast... with Wrench Stops™!

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$29.95 Plus *S & H
1 package contains a set of metric sizes: 10mm -12mm - 13mm - 14mm - 15mm - 18mm

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$29.95 Plus *S & H
1 package contains a set of standard sizes: 7/16 - 1/2 - 9/16 -5/8 - 11/16 - 3/4




Please type in the "Farm Show magazine" promo code in the Voucher space when checking out for the special offer located in the Farm Show magazine WrenchStop article of January 2010 issue. This special offer is good until the next article on the WrenchStops comes out or July 1st of 2010 whichever comes first.

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