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To the Inventor of the Wrenchstops
I am a retired United States Air Force Mechanic of 20 years, and proud of it. I have been an auto body mechanic for 14 years! There have been many times that I could have used the Wrench Stops. They would have prevented a lot of time wasted in searching for lost nuts or fallen bolts. They come in handy in tight spots where I could not get my hands into.  They save me time, money and GREY HAIRS. 
Roger Nelsen
Heckmann Top and Body Co.
324 E Norfolk Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701


I have been working on cars since 1964, and it would have been nice to have these when I first started. They would have prevented down time in searching for lost nuts and bolts.
Bill Bernstauch
Heckmann Top and Body Co
324 E Norfolk Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701


I am part of a small transmission shop with 14 guys in our shop.  I purchased Wrenchstops, and they have been a great asset in our shop.  They come in handy when taking off or putting on bolts.  It is so nice to not be digging in the transmission fluid any more for my transmission bolts.  Thanks for the great product.   Robert Hans


I have been a manager at a food mill in Kansas for 30 years.  I was one of the lucky ones who had first chance to purchase the Wrench Stops.  I work on augers for the feed mill and used to get very frustrated when I dropped the bolts into the auger and had to climb down to get the lost bolts.  These little tools have saved me a lot of leg work and time when it comes to fixing anything with a nut and bolt; and in a feed mill with maintaining our own feed trucks, auger, bins there are a lot of nuts and bolts that now stay where they are supposed to, and so does the tool.  The best part is I attach these to the side of my metal tool box and they follow me any where my handy tool box does.  What a great product!  Hats off to whoever invented these.  Wish these would have been around when I started my career!       Sterling Hardisty

Using Wrench Stops are a knuckle saver. I don’t get my hands scratched up looking for lost nuts and bolts.  Wrench Stops makes a job a lot faster and so easy my 7 yr. old daughter can use them!  I tell all my family, friends, and even strangers about them!       Joy Beck


I bought 2 sets of Wrench Stops and keep one at the shop and one at home.  They work great on the tractors, combines, and autos, saving me a lot of time.  I can use them overhead and not have to worry about losing my nuts and bolts.  I can even start my bolt from overhead and not worry!  Now more of the guys at work use them!       Pat Warnke


Wrench Stops are so easy to use in tight spaces, without losing your nuts and bolts.  They are a great addition to my tool box.       Jeff Foster


My Wrench Stops save me so much time at the workplace and home.  I work on heavy machinery, tractors, combines, trucks, and autos. Wrench Stops are great in tight spaces. The magnetism prevents me from losing my nuts and bolts and slipping wrenches, so I don't scrape and cut up my hands.       Simon Peterson


C.J. Inventor, L.L.C.

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